1. How to I book a stall? 
You can download the booking form in the Stallholders section and send it completed with your payment to the address on the form.

2. Can I book by e-mail or phone? You can e-mail you booking if you can pay by BACs, all the details are in the pack. We cannot accept any telephone bookings.

3. I want to serve food, do you have a separate area?
 Yes, we have a food area, where you can bring your own equipment including marquee. If you need a generator, you will need to provide this yourself and make sure it complies with Southwark Council guidelines. Please note we only provide the space, no equipment, power or running water.

4. I don’t have my own table?
 That is fine if you are booking a fixed stall, as we provide a market stall for you. However we don’t supply chairs!  If you book a food stall you will need to bring everything you need.

5. Do you provide electricity?
 Sorry no, there is no electricity source we can use at Goose Green.

6. Can I change what I sell after I have booked?
 No, we specifically ask for details of what you are selling, so we can monitor how many similar stalls we have. If you want to make any changes, please ensure you let the organisers know in advance.

7. Can I arrive early to set up? 
The fixed stallholders can set up from 9.30am. Please do not come earlier, as we are setting up ourselves before then. If you come along and try and find out where you are before 9.30am you are then delaying the whole set up for everyone else.  Anyone setting up for food can arrive early by pre-arrangement.  We pre-plan where all the stalls are but we do not make this available until the day, as we prefer to direct everyone to their stall.

8. Can I park my car on Goose Green? 
You can bring your car on to drop of your product but must only drop off and then park elsewhere. There are plenty of roads nearby where all the parking is free. By leaving your car on the green whilst setting up, you are then delaying other stallholders. Please note it is a condition of our license that all cars are off the green by 10.30am.  Please do not park your car on the green.

9. The sun is shining, why can’t we stay until 5pm or 6pm? 
Because we have booked for the market stalls to be collected. We are also only licensed to the times we state in advance. Remember if it rains, would you still want to stay?

10. It is raining – what happens? 
The show goes on! We will be setting up whatever the weather, so it is up to you if you want to come along. We have never had to abandon the fair yet but it does help if it is not raining too much.  Please note that whilst the fixed stalls do have a cover it won’t be enough to protect your goods, so please bring protection.

11. I have booked a stall but now can’t make it – can I get a refund? Sorry but we don’t offer refunds. If however the event is sold out and we can offer the stall to someone on the waiting list, we maybe able to send a refund but we do not guarantee this.

12. Why can’t I phone to have a chat about my stall?  The event is run by volunteers.  We try to make sure all your questions are answered here and in the smallholder information pack.  We are happy to deal with e-mail enquiries, as we can plan when we do this.  This is not our paid job or a business, so it really helps if we don’t have to answer lots of phone calls, particularly when most of them are about things we have already detailed in the Stallholder Pack!